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Forum rules

- Show Respect For Others
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- No Spamming
- Use Common Sense
- CapsLock Is *NOT* Cruise Control For Cool
- This is not a cellphone. no texting abbreviations!
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- Respect All Staff Decisions - They Are The Law Here
Post May 1st, 2013, 6:26 pm

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Who can be a forum member?

Forum membership is restricted to those who have been a regular contributing member of the server community for a minimum of 30 days.

Applications for forum membership are subject to the review of server staff.


When will the current world be reset?

Nobody likes working for weeks on a project only to lose it all each time there is a Minecraft update.
It is the philosophy of this server to continue running the same map for as long as feasable.

In order to get the maximum life out of a world, the staff may perform periodic map cleanup as needed.
Map cleanup generally involves removing griefed and abandoned structures, and objects that seem to no longer serve a purpose. If a player joins the server and builds a dirt house in a prime location and doesn't log on for an extended period of time, it may end up being removed.

Serious map failure would generally be the only major reason a map would not be allowed to continue.

When will the server update to the new version of Minecraft?

As this server like most runs a myriad of plugins to make your experience more enjoyable, this also means there are more components that also need to be updated to properly function with a new version.
Since we are also trying to maximize the lifespan of our worlds so players don't continually lose everything, we will "Play it safe" during all major updates.

What this means to you is that it might take a week or more from the time the Minecraft client updates to the time that this server catches up to the new version. This will not be such a big deal if you either keep a copy of the old version of the Minecraft client, or wait to update until the server does.

If it appears that the server update will take an unexpectedly long time to occur, a temporary world may be put up during the time of plugin unstability.


Why isn't the ______ server online?

Since this is primarily a Minecraft server, any other game's availability is primarily dependent on player interest.
There may also be other factors involved in determining the removal of a certain game from active duty.


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