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Minecraft 1.5 Update - The Redstone Update!

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Post February 10th, 2013, 9:39 pm

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The Minecraft 1.5 update is getting closer day by day, but so far Mojang has not set a date for when this will happen.

As always the Bukkit servers will be waiting for a stable release and working set of plugins before upgrading to the new 1.5 version.

Don't worry, as there are no plans to roll any new worlds, so your houses will be safe during this change, however, the nether will be re-rolled to allow for generation of the new content that will be added. Since no one has built a home in the nether, this should not be a problem, and will instead replenish any harvested netherrack or fortress blocks once the nether is reset.

Also remember to not update your clients right away, or you will not be able to play on the server.

If you are impatient to try out the new version, you can always install another copy of the game on your computer using Minecraft Portable and upgrade that version.

You can find Minecraft Portable here:

See you all in 1.5!

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