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Post May 14th, 2012, 9:09 pm

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This is a basic introduction to the McMMO plugin that runs on this server.

This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with experience points, special powers, parties, PvP and more!

As you perform normal tasks in minecraft, you will gain experience points in McMMO that will alllow you to do things from cutting down large trees with a single hit to finding glowstone dust and diamonds when digging in the dirt.

With McMMO you can teamup and form parties with certain party benefits
You will not hurt fellow party members, can set a party home and teleport to fellow party members.

Some General commands are:

/mcmmo Displays general mcMMO help text.
/mcc Displays the list of mcMMO commands.
/mcstats Displays current skill levels of the player, including current XP and the total needed to level up.
/mctop Shows the top 10 people with the highest power level on your server.
/mctop [skillname] Shows the top 10 people with the highest level in the specified skill on your server.
/mcability Toggles whether or not you can activate abilities with right click.

A few of the party commands are:

/party View information on your current party
/party [party name] Creates or joins a named party.
/party q Leaves the current party.
/p Toggles party chat on/off.
/invite [player name] Invites the named player to the current party.
/accept Accepts a received party invitation.
/party lock Locks the party you are in. Only works for party leader.
/party password (password) Applies a password to your party. Only works for party leader.

For more info, visit the official McMMo Wiki page:

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