Basic Server Commands
(Or Commands You Will Find Useful)

General Commands

/home               Teleports you to your currently set home location        Default = 1 home per world
                         Remember that you need to first use a bed to set your home location before using this command.

/spawn            Teleports you to the spawn location of the the world you are currently located on

/msg                Allows you to send a private message to another player.  
                        Example "/msg bob hello" would send a private message of "hello" to the player named bob.

/seen                When was the last time the player named bob was on the server?  Use "/seen bob" to find out.

/who                Who is currently on the server?  Use this command to find out.

/bal                  Shows your current balance in money.

/pay                   Want to give another player some of your money?  Use "/pay bob 50" to give $50 to the player named bob

/mail                 Allows you to send and receive mail. 
                         Type "/mail send bob how are you doing?" to send the letter "How are you doing" to the player named bob
                         Type "/mail read" to read your mailbox contents

/recipe               A useful command for when you have forgotten how to craft an item.
                           Simply type "/recipe furnace" and a workbench will popup showing you the recipe for making a furnace.

Worldguard / Worldedit Commands

//wand            This is the command to get the Worldguard wand.  The wand is used for selecting areas that you want to protect with Worldguard.
                        To use, simply hold the wand and right click in one corner of the area you want to protect, then left click in the opposite corner.
                        After making your region selection with the wand, you will need to expand the region vertically, and then claim the region
                        for it to be saved.

       Used to expand your Worldguard selection vertically.  "//expand 40 20 up" would expand 40 blocks up and 20 blocks down from
                       where you have selected.
                      To expand a selection all the way to the top and bottom of the map use "//expand vert"
                       Remember that once you have selected your region and expanded, you will still need to save your selection with the /region command

/region            Used for selecting a region during protection, modifying your protections or displaying the flags on your protections.
                        To claim a Worldguard protection use "/region claim myhouse" where "myhouse" would be the name of your protected area.
                        To add a flag to a region you own, use "/region f regionname flag" where you replace "regionname" with the name of your choice,
                        and "flag" with the proper WG flag.

LWC Commands

/cprivate            This is the command that allows you to lock chests, furnaces and doors to keep other players out.
                           To lock something with LWC, simply type /cprivate and then click on the item you are trying to protect.
                          If you want to share a private chest with the player named bob, type "/cprivate bob" then click on the item

/cpublic             Useful when you want to let anyone access your item, but keep it from being stolen.
                          Type "/cpublic" then click on the item to make it publicly accessible.

/cremove            Use this command to remove one of your LWC protections. 
                           Simply type /cremove then click on your door or chest and it is unprotected.

McMMO Commands

/mcstats            Find out your current ability levels.

/mcrank            Where do you rank on the McMMO leaderboard?  Use this command to find out.

/mctop               Which players have the top McMMO stats?

/mcability          Used to toggle your special ability in McMMO. 
                          This command is usefull when you are tired of always accidentally readying your fists or tools.

/party                This is the main command for creating and joining parties in McMMO.
                          To create a party, type "/party create myteam" to create a party named "myteam"
                           If you want to kick all members and delete your party, use "/party disband"
                           If you want to leave your current party, you would type "/party q".
                           To invite the player named bob to join your party, you would type "/party invite bob".

/ptp                    The party teleport command.  Used to allow one party member to teleport to another member.
                           The command "/ptp bob" would teleport you to the player named bob assuming you were in the same party.

ChestMail Commands

/setmailbox       This command is used to select a chest to be used as your item mailbox.  To use simply type "/setmailbox" and then click on the
                          chest you wish to use as your item mailbox.  Remember, only one mailbox is allowed per player at any time.
                          A small fee is deducted from your in game balance every time you register a new mailbox.

/sendmail          Use this command to send whatever item, or items you are currently holding in your hand to another player's item mailbox.
                          To send something to the player named bob, simply hold an item or stack of items in your hand, then type "/sendmail bob".
                          Sending mail deducts a small fee from your in game balance for shipping costs depending on the amount of items sent at a time.